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MH-60S KnightHawk, doing pinnacle landing?

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Picture showing helicopter doing a touchdown with two front wheels on a rock-outcrop, referred to as a"Pinnacle" landing is stretching it slightly.

Any pinnacle landing I have ever done is normally with "ALL" wheels/skids on the ground, all though you can put a helicopter skid/wheel next to a rock outcrop or on the outcrop, but it is not referred to as a landing. Landing would normally require the machine to be collective down. If the pilot wanted to classify his manoeuvre as a pinnacle landing, he would have to drop the collective and become a statistic.

If he wants to practice he can go to Ethiopia, southern Sudamo region @ 1100ft  or North Yemen at the same using H500, 206B, 212, lots of fun.   

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1987 was the hallmark of the beginning of the destruction of the Helicopter Industry as it was known prior to that year.

With Deregulation instituted, it took 31 years for Transport Canada to decimate the industry as a whole and should be held accountable.

Nobody in Parliament has the guts to do anything about it. There was nothing wrong with the regs prior to that date (1987), deregulation was brought about strictly for the airlines, so they could compete with our southern neighbour. FAA does it, so Canada follows the big guy.

Transport Canada has always been embedded with military who transfer over once they retire from the military who have no commercial aviation experience, but overnight they become experts and start making regulations that have NO comprehension in the commercial environment. Some have even become Director Generals.

Transport Canada should be privatized and become a Crown Organization, similar to Nav. Canada.

Transport Canada once privatized could use ISO for inspection and oversight.

H-A-C is supposed to represent the industry as a whole, but is actually a Helicopter Owners Club, it does nothing for pilots or ame's.

Not to long ago an association was proposed to represent the pilots and ame's in the helicopter industry. The idea was to have a say as a whole on any regulations or requirement that reflected on employment within the industry, excluding pay and benefits.

Pressure was applied by the companies and certain individuals who good not differentiate between an Association/Union.

SO, now the Owners Club and Customers, thanks to de-regulation can demand what they want and Owners can pay what they want.

The Owners cut costs to the bare minimum, to stay alive.

Don't wonder  why nobody is posting, I think it is rather obvious.

Unless get of your *** and get together and do something, it will remain the same.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


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