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Cottage helicopter trips OK for Hydro One boss, minister says


CBC News


TORONTO – Energy Minister Dwight Duncan defended the chief executive of Hydro One on Wednesday following revelations that the utility boss used a company helicopter for trips to the cottage.


Records show that Tom Parkinson used the helicopter for travel to Muskoka three times last year.


Duncan said the travel fell within guidelines set by the publicly owned utility's board of directors.


"These things are always difficult to explain to people," Duncan said.



"I have to rely on the board of directors, whom I have confidence in, to set proper policy and to enforce those policies."


Opposition politicians ridiculed Duncan's defence of Parkinson.


"Unlike the minister, I would say this is real easy to explain to the people of Ontario as their hydro rates are increasing over and over again," said New Democrat Marilyn Churley.


"This is a rip-off of taxpayers."


Parkinson's predecessor, Eleanor Clitheroe, was forced to resign in 2002 following a public outcry about her compensation and expense account.


Parkinson was paid a total of nearly $1.5 million in 2004, up from almost $1.1 million in 2003.

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come on..... this kind of stuff surprises you people?????? :shock:



i remember mr. ndp glen clark chartering lear jets instead of airlines to major centers. liberal, ndp, don't matter..... :down:


everyone is gonna use the perks..............

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:rolleyes: I think it was just a slow day in the news.


People who run big companies should have the flexibility to get a few of the perks, but unfortunately, they are always under the microscope. That is why the best business people stay out of politics, too bad for us, we get the lawyers who know all the loop holes and use them to their advantage, and we don't know any better.


In charter operations, I did countless fishing trips for CEOs and senior government officials in various companies and departments. Who do you think paid for that?




Maybe we should work on an MBA to get the perks ourselves :D

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