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Customer Service Reps

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Customer Service reps are people too. 

You can treat them with respect, or you can be an ***. 

In the end, you are the one who comes out in the end looking like a fool.

These people have a job to do, and it's to assist you. they are your asset and should be treated as such.

In many cases you don't get what you want and I understand. Sometimes I'm so self important I think I'm the centre of the universe too and everyone should cater to me and me only.

But it is the process that is failing you, not the people on the other end of that phone. So instead of attacking the person who just wants to do a good job, be a man and step up and attack the process. Go after those who manage this process and fight them to change it. They are called managers for a reason. It is those process' that CSR's are to follow and they all do it as best they can.

I would suggest all of those who think it's OK to #### on these people, to really take a long look at themselves first, and then perhaps apologize. You may not work for the same company, but the team spirit should still apply

Or better yet, maybe you should look in the mirror and question if you're up to the job you are doing. Maybe you're the failure.

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Aww man now I feel like a jerk. 

Sangjeet, im sorry that I got upset when I told you I wanted the HBO package and you gave me the Movietime package instead. 

Craig, I’m sorry that I yelled at you when you implied that I wasn’t using the iCloud properly. I still don’t know what that is. 

Ling, I’m sorry I hung up on you when you wouldn’t take off the overage charges because I used too much data last month. 

Customer service representatives around the world. I’m sorry for any mistreatment that I may have caused you. If you’re  ever in my area hit me up and I’ll take you to  Chuck E Cheese for pizza and I’ll give you all my tickets. 

I just want to make things right. 

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When this post came out, you especially  mentioned a name, some one I am sure I went to college with. If you have a specific  problem with this guy, why plaster his name all over this website, then edit it out?  Are you a customer support rep?  What is your beef?


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I probably should have put this under the maintenance threads because most pilots don't deal with the customer service reps. Live and learn.

I'm doing this thread in an effort to help someone I know very well who is being harassed by a select few in our industry.

so if anyone needs clarity on my topic, (I suspect Brock with his racist undertones is one, although I'm sure he's just being a joker), we are talking about the people that are a very important part of you all earning cash in your careers,  as they are a link to you flying or being grounded. They are the customer service reps from the manufacturers. They are sisters, mothers, wives, and daughters and whatever else you can picture. Not one of you would sit by and let someone harass and threaten someone you know.

Theres a few bad apples out there. threatening, being bullies, and downright being nasty thinking it will put them in a power position and force a CSR to bow to their needs. These guys need to look at their failures in their performance first before they point the finger at someone else.

I'd really like to call these ******** out, but they know who they are.


So if you're on the upity up, and polite courteous to those you seek assistance from, great on you, you are respectful people.

If you're one of the ********, grow up, you're jerks.


End of rant, if you get it great, if you don't i'm not explaining further, i think my point is pretty clear.



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