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Let's Talk About Sleeping Bags

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I've been dragging my old MEC sleeping bag around for years. It's pretty tired out and with space in my duffel being at a premium it's very bulky. I'd like to replace it with something that packs up as small as possible and is warm. I'm sure 99.9% of us in this industry know the value of a good sleeping bag. I'd be interested to hear what others are using?


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Down is best for pack ability but leave it in a compression sack for a season and it will be worthless for insulation when you need it most. It a balance between cost, pack ability, durability and maintenance. Down needs to be stored uncompressed and able to breathe.

With tracking these days I notice less pilots carrying sleeping bags.

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Howdy, I would highly recommend that you visit the Wiggys' site for your outdoor needs. I have some of his items, and am thoroughly satisfied with their utility for warmth in cold conditions. I am retired from flying, but still have the flying in the Arctic in the winter mind set. He has lots of videos dealing with proper types of insulation and strategies for staying warm. He pulls apart a North Face sleeping bag in one video and shows what junk it is. He sells to military and hard core outdoor enthusiasts alike. He also sells nomex apparel. Lots of sleeping bag "systems" to choose from. Good luck in your search and in your season of flying.

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