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Leroux Family

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As a few of you know, Captain Mario Leroux and his wife Julie are adopting and adoreable little lady in China this month.


Mario works and lives in CYHZ for CHC Global and has dreamed of a family for a very long time. This week their dream has come true.


Here are a few pics of my good friends on their journey....









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Guest Bullet Remington

Lucky little girl. Nah! More like lucky Mom and dad! Look at that face, those eyes! man that's what life is all about.!! :up: :up:


Life can't get much better for those two brand new parents! Some one who loves ya first thing in the morning, regardless how you look! You can't buy love or anything else like that!


And everything changes. Suddenly everything ya thought was important takes a backseat to what really is!


My congratulations and best wishes go out to the whole family! What a wonderful story to read here people! I admire and respect the family for their choice! And a heck of a fine choice it is! :up: :up:


You all enjoy yourselves! This is the best life gets!! :up: :up:

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I don't know the Leroux family - but, I know that I have never heard sweeter words than "Mom" and "Dad". I'd like to add my wish for happiness and joy for the happy family. Lucky baby and lucky Mom and Dad! Congratulations! :up:

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