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407 Drivers New Engine

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Hey 407 Driver,


See they have announced a new engine for your ride that leaves your present one with a 35% power loss on a standard day, 40% on a hot day, and a 50% higher maintenance cost. :shock:


How can they afford to keep you around with numbers like that? :lol:

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I haven't talked to the Big Boys yet, but I would imagine (as the largest Canadian 407 Operator) that we may have some dealings with the new engine in the future.


I'm not convinced that a change is required, as the C47 has done me no wrong, plus the performance charts can be realized with a MGT (TOT) limited engine.


I Never heard a B2 pilot complain about always been Ng limited in a hot and high situation, (they are). A B2 will still do everything the charts say with the Ng limit.


The C-47's we are getting OH'd now are actually well above spec, over 20C to the good.

Time will tell what happens.

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