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Funny stuff you said or heard.

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Well it is nice to be back on the site.

As stated a few days ago this site was once the place to come for pilots in our great industry to catch up with one another. To share our stories good and bad. To give advice when we could but also gain knowledge from those that were willing to share their experiences so we all could benefit.

That is the key to survival in my humble opinion.....

But there is also the comical side of the business. Those things you have heard from a client / customer that totally made your day. The things that you will always remember. 

If you wish let's share a few funnies.

I have dozens but this one got me (I think my old mentor set it in my mind) but it flew off my tongue to the customer in less then a sec.

Story  - 1990 sent to Nanasivik NWT to finish a 14 day drill job in mid  July with Longyear moving two FLY 38's. The drill boss (Adrea Rousea) was a pure gentlemen and I owe him so much plus he had more time in a/c at that point then I did. Lol

We were working about 60 miles from Nanisvik in the hills confined to a tent camp. Well the 14 days turned to 21, turned to 28, turned to ..... well let's say we are now in late Sept. (Duty rest times - WHAT????unthinkable)

Early one morning the engineer and myself get a kick in our bunks from Adrea. In a deep French accent "I think geo boss want to fly" (he was giggling). We emerge from our canvas home to sheer low fog. The kitchen tent is barely visible. At this point in the project we are about a dozen holes behind schedule due to weather and drill problems, and a all little test. The pressure is on the head geologist who is the project manager.

I dutifully report to his tent / office.

Him: just talked to the drillers they finished the hole. We need to move it!!!

Me: ahhh... have you looked outside. 

Him: yes, it is only thin low fog. So?

Me: I cant see more then a half a mile (remember we are in the hills)

Him: Jesus I can see that, that's all you need!@@

Me: yes but I have to go 10 miles and climb the side of a mountain.

Him: (in explicitives)  @#$## I can see the @#%$$ god dam sun up thru this. Look, it is low fog. There is the sun (as he pointed)

Me: ah, I am going to the drill. I am not going to the sun today!!!!!!

He retreats to his accomadtions quite pissed and I still young at this point can not believe I just shot my face off so quickly to a good customer. 

I am still here though... the drill did get moved later in the day and now I can laugh.

(Thank You Mr. J. Innis for giving me that comeback.)

I still chuckle....



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A few days (3 or 4 ) after I started flying, a young oil guy sitting in the front seat asked me how long I'd been flying ?  Looked at my watch, as it had a day/date function, and I didn't remember if it was Monday or Tuesday.  Needless to say, after that, it was a very quiet flight......

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Sitting in a drill camp at the supper table. Drillers, engineers and associated personal all in same area just gobbling down the 2 week old veg's and freezer burnt meat. (Oh the fun in tenting!😜) Directly across from me head in to his plate sits Mr Innis.  As usual he was focused on his meal and was not (in my mind) listening to the light hearted banter. We had been in the same camp for many days working the same area both moving drills. 

The engineer quips to me "Did you keep up with the old fella today?"

JI still does not look up.

I say in fun thinking I may get a giggle or two from the crews  "pfft, hard not to keep up with someone his age and who can't hover"

Still not looking up from his plate the deep dark voice spoke.... "remember do I not only have more time in the hover then you have in full  cruise I also have more time backing up into a tailwind then you will fly this season"

The engineer spit his lunch across the table and I retired to my tent! 




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