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Sorry Kyle

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Well it took me the better part of the morning to circumvent your ban on me until 2032, however I was forced to make an interjection here, and to affirm that this is the first post I have made for almost 2 months. I find it curious though that 2-100OPEN has been acused of being me. 2%100 Open, This is not surprising in the least and typifies the exact limited mentality of the industry at large. ( OH MY GOD!there is actullay more than one person that sees the problems and has the balls to bring it to light. ) :up:


Jet box- I get along with everybody till they start lying and spouting bull crap. Unfortunately my difficulties are perportioned to the quanity of existing industry crap and measured in perportion. One day I am hoping to find a honest non nonsense operator who will put the BS aside. Or maybe some one with the testicular fortitude oversee the current whisper campagne. So buzz off! :stupid:


I have nothing agaist foriegners in Canada working , I do howevere have a problem with foriegners abusing working holiday permits while there are perfectly competant Canadians avialable for work with families to support. By all means come for a summer and work, make the decision to stay and be a part of the big Canadian Family GREAT. :rolleyes:


Sorry Kyle just needed to defend the real peeshooter!



Cheers all






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