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National Helicopters School M.i.a...?


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Hello all,


Just noticed today that National Helicopters seems to have closed their London Ontario flight school...???!!!


Were they having trouble getting instructors..??....and most important,what happened to any students that were in the middle of flight training...??? :(


It appears that Peter Curry is not longer the CFI at their base north of Toronto...were did he go...????


Winnie do you have any info...???




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Winnie, unless you are a past student or employee of National, I'm not sure how you could comment on the service. I was a student at the London base for a year and a half and got great attention from both their flight instructor and ground school instructor. Other students I have spoken with since told me they tried hard to keep it open but it was apparent that there was a lack of instructors (one that left eventually fled the country) and a lack of students as neither National or Modak has been busy in London over the past year or so. If you are from the area you would know that. I only flew up to National headquarter a couple times, but everyone was very friendly while I was there.


Just my comments...I hate when any school gets slagged uneccessarily.

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