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Calgary Tower Lift 1987

49 Merc

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I am not 100% sure, but I believe one of the pilots was Jim Anderson, aka Dev, aka Spike.

Rumor had it, the lift took a lot longer than anticipated, and the flight back and landing was done on one engine to conserve skant fuel.

It's the internet after all, gota love rumors.

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I might get some more rumors going...I was in the CN rail yard in Toronto in 1974 taking  pics of Erickson's skycrane putting the last piece on top of the CN tower. I heard and I saw them coming off the lift and am sure that they auto rotated down and did a power recovery at the bottom.It was a very fast descent...must have been getting down on go juice! I will see if I can post the pic I took.

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Yes Dad and Dan were flying, Dan would be able to tell the story, as he was learning as much as he could about the 61

Poul Ladefoged and Tony Hall were the engineers.

Busy days with the Okie heavies, logging and construction.

Was common to load and unload the machine many times a days doing different lift jobs.

This story and many more at the Okie reunion next weekend.

Safe travels

Jim Anderson


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