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Any Openings?


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Guest graunch1
Hey all


If you are willing to make the move to Yellowknife 3Doors, then your chances of getting work with Great Slave are pretty good.  I hope everyone understands that I do not speak for GSHL.  Give Kevin Lang a call.


Yes...new AStars.  Not something I'd might drool over, but there are a few puddles on the floor.  Now a 212, 205 or 204 would get me drooling. :up:  Sorry Maggie, but I think I am turning into a Bell man myself. :lol:  I hear a bellboy joke comming on.  Maybe I am just bitter 'cause I had to finally buy some metric tools.

Anyway that is all from me...gotta go home...working Sunday too.


Apprentice  :huh:



Hey FA do you think that the move north last year looking for jobs was the way to go? I see you are at GSH- do you think that if you applied from the south you would have got the job?

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Thanks for all the suggestions so far...


I've been putting the fax machine to good use this week, sending out resumes across BC, Alberta, NWT, and the Yukon. No luck so far with the fax(aside from a ground crew offer), which is what I expected, but I figured it would be a good start to get my resume out there.


I'm helping out at the HAC convention in Vancouver this weekend, then planning some kind of road trip... and I thought this was going to be easy ;)

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Guest Bullet Remington



Kevin's still there, huh?


Production or Director?? Hope he got his eyes Lasiked!! :up:


When I was up there was DW driving the dept with a QA guy named John. Dwight was kinda hard to read, but I sure did enjoy workin for Kevin. He was a real down to earth guy. The QA guy was great as well.


The Chief Driver was a fun guy as well. Really enjoyed working with him. :up:


AB, didn't talk to but once and wasn't very receptive to anything we discussed, even though he initiated the conversation. :down:


I was there as a contract guy. Only did one tour, the money was way below anything I had ever been paid in that area, so went else where.


Not bitching about the company, they did give a bunch of apprentices a good start in this racket.


Would I go back, not for what they were paying.


But then again, maybe it was just me. <_<

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Yep it was just you BR. At first glance the pay may not look as great, but boy do they have the work.


I have to agree with DT2 on this one! My experience for Great Slave was simply awsome! Adam and Dwight went out of their way to make life easier for me on more than one occasion, and I was a "permanent contract" guy at the time. Of course, if you just spent one tour with them, don't expect Adam to remember your name, let alone let you in the "circle of trust" as Ben Stiller would say.

They've got upwards of 50 helicopters so don't expect to be a "golden child" after only one summer, let alone only one tour!

As far as Dwight is concerned, he's hard to read when you don't know him well because he's a quiet kind of fella, but once you've spent enough time with him, you soon realize he's a no bullshiite D.O.M. with tons of knowledge, and he's not afraid to back you up if any issues arise. Same goes for Kevin.


After my first season with them, there was no doubt in my mind that it was a very special place to work and I enjoyed every year I spent there. Of course, this is my personal experience and I don't expect everybody to come out of there with the same results.


I would highly recommend to anybody to give them a try for at least a couple of seasons as I'm sure most would not be dissapointed. B)

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Guest Bullet Remington

DTII & Jetbox:


Let me clarify, if you would.


Firstly, I didn't mean to imply there was anything wrong with working for GSHL. In fact I've recommended that several wrenchbenders give them a lookit.


Secondly, I have no intention of being anybody's "Golden Child". (No sarcasm intended). I was there to do a job. Period. I made and make no suggestions on how they should run the company, It would be insultous to them. They've been doing quite well for quite a while!


Thirdly, I didn't mean to infer that there was anything wrong with D.W, nor was I doubting or questioning his abilities. I simply stated that I found him hard to read. Period.


As I stated, Kevin was a great guy to work with and for. As far as I know he still is. I haven't had the opportunity to see nor talk with him for a while.


As for the pay, I have no doubt that some are more satisfied with it than others. For those that like it, all the power to ya, enjoy yourselves! I have nothing negative to say about anybody that works for them. I wish GSHL and their employees nothing but great news and even greater success.!


As for your statement, DTII, "(Paraphrasing here) "The pay may not seem like much but boy do they have work." That's a little open ended, everything being relative.


For the sake of clarification, they were paying me, $180.00 a day, plus$20.00 per dieum. No flight pay, all straight time. Didn't mind the straight time but the no flight pay and the $20.00 per deium was well below what I expected to be paid. Especially that far north!


Unless the prices have gone down, or the per deiums have gone up, I sure don't want to be stopping at the Brass Monkey at 9 PM on the way back to the crew house, for a burger, fries and a beer too freakin often.


Again, people, no slur inteded on GSHL. Should y'all be happy working there, all the power to you!. I wish them all well.


Having said that, the next time the owner calls you in the office, asks for your input into a specific function and direction of "specialized maintenance activity that you've been doing for 20 years, then proceeds to argue and dispell the very opinions and suggestions he asked for, how would you rate the conversation? (Just being curious). Again, nothing against AB, he's the one signing the paychecks, he can do whatever he wants. Couldn't and can't figure out why he would waste my time and his!! :huh:


As I stated earlier, they're doing something right. I can't fault them for that. ;)

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Thanks for the clarification B.R. :up:


One thing baffles me though, the numbers you quoted for your pay are way off what I and most of the guys I know were making at the time (mid 90's). It wasn't uncommon for guys to make over $10k a month when they were looking after some 500's or Astar's on drill moves. I assume the pay only went up from there. I'm surprised they didn't pay you more considering your background and experience!


Anyways, my experience with them was fantastic, yours maybe wasn't as fantastic but not all that bad either...... hey, different strokes for different folks, life goes on!!!!

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Hey 3Lions, this was posted on this and the aeroads.ca site......hope it helps.


Mustang Helicopters - Apprentice Engineers required immediatly


Mustang Helicopters is currently accepting aplications for full time Apprentice Engineers. All applicants must be graduates from a Transport Canada approved course. Correspondence by e-mail is preferred.



Contact: Alin Cote

Email: alin@mustanghelicopters.com

Telephone: 403 886-5995

Fax: 403 886-5996 Address:PO BOX 696


T4N 5G6


Date Ad placed: 04/08/2005

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