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Any Openings?


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I was on line when it popped up, not a promoter just passing on the info to 3Lions and anyone else looking for work. I worked for MHI a long time ago and besides they have own QA guy. I'm already commited to work contract at another company later this year, good company and very good DOM steering the maintenance ship.



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Kevin's still there, huh?


Production or Director?? Hope he got his eyes Lasiked!!

ROFL :lol: Kevin's Production and still peeks over his glasses.


A fella by the name of Louie Dines in the QA guy now.


Sorry I haven't been replying much lately guys...I just got back from my first solo tour, babysitting a 500 moving drills. It was pretty fun with the exception of the failed RCR and the failed replacement RCR. The third one worked like a charm... :up:



Hey FA do you think that the move north last year looking for jobs was the way to go? I see you are at GSH- do you think that if you applied from the south you would have got the job?


I applied to Great Slave (along with several other companies) several times with no luck. I am not sure that knocking on the door was the only thing that got me in, but it did help. Making a phone call from down south, and being able to move within a week would probably get you somewhere.


Anyway Lions, good luck, its the right time of year I think to be looking. Good luck on the road trip.


Apprentice :huh:

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