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Suggestions for winter flying clothes


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+1 for gators vs tall boots.

Having said that, my Muck Boots never did me wrong either. My biggest issue with both was mitigating cold toes.

As for the rest of the gear, I usually layer merino and other natural fabrics as best I can, but at a certain point you need to consider the trade off on fire resistance vs warmth of a good down jacket. I believe Marks has several options for insulated fire resistant winter clothing, none of which are cheap.

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+1 for layering.

my biggest discomfort due to previous frostbite injury (thanks Don at RLO!) is frozen fingers. A combination that I have found effective is a thin woolen glove worn inside Black Diamond Gloves.  They (Black D. used to, at least) make these with leather palms and thumb and index finger leather tips which still allowed for feeling if messing with switches and radios etc as well as really good dexterity.

in really cold weather or deep snow (skiing), Sorels were my go-to for foot wear...



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Cabelas snow suit - toasty warm at minus 30 in a 40 knot wind, too hot above minus 10 though.

i had bunny boots but my toes were always burning, I have Baffin boots with the inserts now so I’ll see how that goes. 

I second the thin wooden gloves under leather to keep the fingers warm, but I’ve never found a solution for keeping warm fingers & maintain the ability to use radio switches etc.

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Layer layer layer,  always wore some type of skins close to the body. Then some type of of Wooly Bears (or fleece) over that covered by high end MEC outer shell. Also for my paws some form of high end snug thin gloves, something that allows easy and non cumbersome access to switches or trim functions. Close by another heavier mitt to cover them for cruise (long haul). Booties, my preference soft Acton military mukluks, you used to be able to get them with double liners. The double liner trapped the body heat. Never had cold toes and they were quite flexible for peddle movement. 

Kit bag was always full of much heavier outer wear. Snow Goose parker, heavy mitts, neck sock and sturdy fur head covering.

Keep a eye on your pax also. Seen them arrive with clothing that could barely keep them warm in the tropics. Last thing you need to deal with in the event of a unexpected stop on the top of a wind swept mountain is a half dozen half frozen souls! They are basically in your care.

Hope this helps.

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