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Is M1/M2 license classified solely on the MTOW of the aircraft?


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Back in the day when I wrote my medium license I was able to sign out all bell mediums except the 214st which they put as another type. Then they changed the system to M1 and M2 which I now have.So I was told that I could sign out all aircraft if I had a course on the type. All the aircraft that I had been endorsed on were grandfathered into my sign out privileges. The only thing I could not sign out was a hot air balloon which at the time they asked me if I wanted to write and also the piston engine course . I declined both as I had just written the turbine exam .So is this confusing enough...I have a M1/M2 license..206,204,205,212.412,407. Still can't sign out a 214B or ST unless I take a course.This also includes anything that I haven't had a course on...ie...747.

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