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AS350B3 strange vibration


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This may pertain to this problem...it happened on a longranger not an Astar. Guys were complaining about a vib that would come and go...was driving everyone nuts. Dom asks me to take the ship for a test flight and see what I could find. So I fire it up and get it up to 100%nr....seems very smooth...up in a hover...seems good. Then it goes for the s##ts...rough as he##. Was going to put it down when it smooths right out. So I tell my buddy in the front seat that I will get it into forward flight and see what happens.  So we barely make it half a mile and it is shaking like crazy...then it smooths out again.  Back to the hangar and I ground the ship. I will make this short as the long version involves a lot of s##t. A few days later the ship is still in the hangar with the front cowling off so I hop up on the roof to have a look around. There was a whole lot of black crap on the deck under the right front trany mount. Problem solved...right front elastameric mount on the dog bone was fubared.It would hook up okay at times and then go hard right at times. I only ever found 2 of these every go bad so maybe check the trany mounts on the Astar. Who knows!

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