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Freebie Copy Of Heli Ops - Do You Want One.

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Just an update for everyone, we have airmailed off the magazine to everyone this week so keep an eye out for it.


Sorry for the delay but we decided to do a major redesign of the mag, and it looks great.




Heli Ops

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#### - Thanks and appreciate the comments.


The reason for this is that both Heli Ops and Vertical had a similar look to them so we decided to make it easier for the readers to differentiate between the two, by giving Heli Ops a whole new look.


We still have all the great images and have made the stories a little meatier and more diverse so it gives everyone something to read.


But saying that the ones whose comments matter are the readers and subscribers so when you get your copy post your thoughts, both positive and negative.


Mike and Linda have a great magazine in Vertical and now we both have our own distinctive "styles" and that can only be good for the industry.




Heli Ops


"we decided to do a major redesign of the mag"


you're walking a fine line messing with perfection mister.... :D

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