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New Fatigue Regulations

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A CARAC board member once told me that (way back) the idea of duty limits for engineers was thrown around. IN 2005, when they began the.implementation of SMS on all sectors, it was decided that this c

Which is all fine and good until your employer tries to convince you that time spent with the client in the field doesn't count as work, and so you're only entitled to bank flight time + 2 hours again

Well, with regards to slinging mud at the old generation...kinda sound like a melinuim child.   That generation figured out the hard way everything we know today. Many died along the way. All that tra

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So if this applies to 703 but not 702, how is a 702/703 operator to manage the FDT Limits of a pilot who flies either or both on any given day? I would imagine we should see Ops Specs related to this in pretty short order?

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1 hour ago, Twin Helix said:

At the end of the day the fires are going to need to burn during business hours only, self extinguish for weekends and gently smolder on stat holidays.  It's not that hard to interpret.

And not start until all the fire fighters have finished their CRM training.


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