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New Fatigue Regulations

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I prefer to go by the accident stats per flying hours. That's a more accurate representation. Otherwise a year with one hundred accidents and a million hours differs than a year with fifty for the same hours flown. Still unacceptable  in my opinion, but the drama disappears over the 100 if you get my drift. You cannot directly compare 20yrs ago to today accurately unless you break it down this way.

I think safe working hours is very subjective to the situation. It cant be fixed based on a standard approach designed for one segment of the industry. What affects me, may not affect you. And conversely the fix for my fatigue is not the fix for yours.

If you think I dont like you, I would prefer to inform you I'm only challenging your statement. Your reaction is what determines whether I like you or not. 

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A CARAC board member once told me that (way back) the idea of duty limits for engineers was thrown around. IN 2005, when they began the.implementation of SMS on all sectors, it was decided that this c

Which is all fine and good until your employer tries to convince you that time spent with the client in the field doesn't count as work, and so you're only entitled to bank flight time + 2 hours again

Well, with regards to slinging mud at the old generation...kinda sound like a melinuim child.   That generation figured out the hard way everything we know today. Many died along the way. All that tra

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None of these graphs take into account average hours per pilot or how many pilots accounted for the hundreds of thousands of hours. In a 100000 hours the accident rate would be different if it was flown by 100 plots or 500 pilots. It also does not take into account pilot skill/experience level. Toral hours flown. Accidents with 10000 hour pilots vs 600 hr pilots

Going straigt up hours to accidents doesn't really tell the story. If this is what the new regs are based of in my oppinion it will not make a difference. The same number of accidents to flight hours will remain the same. It is really up to the company to realize a guys ability to perform the job vs safety and recognize when to pull them early from a shift or know when to pull then self. Everyone has a limit to the amount of work/stress there brain and body can handle.

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Can you imagine a graph that took every item of interest into account to display the data? I'm not sure theres enough colors in the spectrum to make all the lines.

When you see companies requiring minimum hours as per demand from their insurance companies, you know someone was logging that data. Mr Insurance has. 

I know as I get older, I know when to pull the pin and be in bed by 8pm. Instead of burning the candle at both ends and staying up to 9. 

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