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AS350 B3e Nr400 increase with cargo swing


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Finally got the new Onboard hook and full weigh system installed and Ive been back to my normal route the past week and half. 

Performance with the Nr at 394 vs 400.

Is been colder so its a little difficult to tell but I would give a good estimate that I am loosing about 150 to 200lbs  of load on the line possibly up to 300 lbs. It's hard to tell as all the cargo is weighed before and the airbus weigh scale was giving much higher numbers then what of the ground staff were telling me.

I also feel that I'm having to put more pedal in for the same load weights which makes sense. I'm operating pretty high so I can't say how it may extrapolate at lower altitudes. At first I noticed I was able to cruise between the pick up and drop off spots at a higher indicated air speed for the same power but this could of also been due to the temperatures. 

My whole post was about finding out the difference the Nr makes from someone else, I'm thinking that I am the only one to answer my own question though lol. (so far)

On another note, our brand new onboard hook is having issues with the electrical release so it sounds like in another few days we will be borrowing the airbus system again which means I'll get another chance to compare the difference. 

The reply email from onboard was as follows. (not about the fault just about the Nr increase) 

The decision to allow for the Nr increase when under load is an Airbus one. If you know Murray Bens at Airbus in New Zealand, he probably could have a nice long discussion with you about this issue.

The C-40 will require a new bracket for AS350’s, but other than that, should be a direct replacement for the C-39. We expect we will be able to certify the C-40 with the upgraded VEMD to allow our STC kit to increase the main rotor when under load.

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