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:) Thats what im doing right now, I just paid for my ground school on friday and start in a week :) , the question was that does it make sense to do CPL(FW) then convert to CPL(RW), the general consensus is no, because then you have 40hrs less in a helicopter and less time tolearn some of the harder stuff and less time to practice, however I do intend to get my PPL(FW) first off, it has always been a dream :) then go for my CPL(RW) and then start working.



Thanks for the advice, Cole B)

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As mentioned having FW experience is going to be useful in the training side of things with your already knowing the basic unchanging side of aviation...thunderstorms don't change their characteristics just because your wings are spinning. That said would having FW experience at the private pilot level be of any use in the job market? For example will my application as a 100h RW pilot be looked at a few seconds longer if I have another 60-70 hours of private FW? I'm not even going to bother asking if anyone will care about for glider time...maybe its more like whether I should mention it or not…don’t want to be laughed for my gee-wiz wings....

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