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Best Lenses for flat light.


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Wondering peoples thoughts on the best lens colour for flat light in the LH250. Obviously, there is the Yellow, Amber and the new Evo Chrome Gradient lenses available. Has anyone had experience with using the Chrome Gradient lenses vs the standard Yellow or Amber Visor in flat light conditions, snow etc...


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It's a very interesting question and I beleive an opthomologist is the only person that can help you with that question. Your eyes are a function of what your brain tells you at the time of observation.

I personally prefer yellow in flat conditions. When landing in tree lined vertical decent, I take of my sunglass's (green) as I lose accurate decent info. If you are landing in a flat area where there is snow or sand, use the pinnacle landing approach, minimum speed and collective until touchdown. Gradient lenses don't respond fast enough, IMO.

Only you know what your brain tells you.

INMHO, Regards Don

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I did a lot of spraying which required flying very early in the morning and late in the evening. Yellow lenses work great and your eyes will tell you when to change them. The yellow lenses worked really great in low light but are terrible when it is totally dark as the instrument lighting is way to bright especially with a gps which practically makes it painful. I didn't want to mess with the gps lighting while in flight in the dark.I am sure that there is a lighting adjustment on them but short of having a manual I didn't want it to #$%^ up in the dark. As far as flying in snowy conditions I swear on blue lenses.Going north of Churchill in the winter proved this as I was flying along having no problem telling were the ground was so just to check I took off my sunglasses for a second to see what it was like. That was really scary....total white out.It was overcast during that flight.

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