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Bell 206 N2 governor - static droop?

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4 hours ago, GrayHorizons said:

Ah yes, the lag...I forgot that happens in the beginning

Add to that the fact that you aren't allowed to use any images in the beginning... sigh (because they are urls!)

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12 hours ago, Autojohn said:

Roger that, I'm just curious about the control theory aspects and how it was all achieved (with steam essentially)

It is maintained in a graceful ballet of tiny spinning bits that move small needles against fluffy bellows whilst the air of a thousand flutes blows against it.  It's partner, the FCU, is the only one that can understand and tame this wild beast.  The work of those 2 units is only there to support the real hero, the brawny farmhand, the always a bridesmaid and never a bride, hp fuel pump, so that it can deliver the stream of life when it is so required.

Px, Py, Pb

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