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Mountain flying tips

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Not to say flight planning is not important, but I find usually when I leave a sunny valley and head into the mountsins the weather completly changes, there is not much info out there for “in” the mountians.  


A personal rule that has served me well, If I can’t stick a landing in 3 tries I go home...religiously 3 tries and go home.


T-REX......I remember going in so hard holding 40kts I almost crawled into the back seat!    dip a toe!  Pffff,   I lived to tell about it!!!!

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On 2/18/2019 at 8:11 AM, WCO said:

I'm not going to try and write a manual here your course will be where you get all that, and I wouldn't be the most qualified to do it anyhow. I'll offer one point that's been rung home for me numerous times in the mountains, though it's logistical not technical; sufficient fuel and a bit more. 

Don't be tempted to go too light on fuel to save a little performance, staying within the bounds of your machine's performance of course. I'd rather have the extra 10-25% fuel and work harder for the approach and departure. In a training environment with known spots it's easy to work just the right amount of fuel, in operational flying there's always headwinds, an unplanned stop, choked out passes and valleys, or any other number of fuel sapping diversions.

In the mountains you need to take your time and fuel is time. 

I agree. Looking at the fuel gauge leads to rushed, poor decisions. 

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