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New CHPL to Instructor Rating question


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1 hour ago, BrokenTools said:

Take a ground job with a company, they will get you flying eventually.

That depends on the company. Some may keep dangling that carrot but have no intent on getting you flying. Or can only offer you maintenance and ferry flights, which will take many, many years to build any valuable time that way.  Took me almost 5 years of ground crew work before getting a seat.  Your best bet is tourism or one of the news helicopters. 

Instructing isn't really a time building opportunity up here, unlike the States.  Vast majority of instructors up here have thousands of hours and many years of operational flying under their belts before moving into instructing. 

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What Heizenberg said...instructing in helicopters is not for time building. Get a job and some experience so that you have something to pass on to your students.

If a school is suggesting you get the instructor rating they are just trying to separate you from your $$, unless in the US, where things are more like fixed wing? But your 100 hr CPL comment suggests you are in Canada

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One of the reasons that Canadian helicopter schools get a lot of foreign students is the long and well deserved reputation they have for having highly experienced instructors.  This differentiates Canada from many other countries that have low-time pilots instructing with little or no actual experience in operational environments.

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