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AMS software system for sale

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Any Canadian helicopter operators out there with an AMO, looking for maintenance software?

White River Helicopters has for sale a desktop PC with AMS software version 21.0 installed and the required MySQL license to run it. The AMS license includes 1 workstation, 2 users, Aircraft Maintenance Manager with Inventory Manager. The PC is running on Windows 10, and the database still contains the old inventory/aircraft templates data. Templates were for Astar 350 B2s & BA: FTYI, FSOZ, GWRA and Bell 206: GTMH.

We've talked to AMS and they are willing to support another company purchasing this system from us (there are support fees).

Sid paid approx $21,000 for the software in 2016, selling for $10,000. (Yellowhead Helicopters recently purchased the White River base and does not need the software as they run another maintenance system from Prince George)

Give Sid a call or email if interested.

This is the link to AMS Aircraft Maintenance Systems based in Montreal. http://www.aircraftms.com/…/opera…/helicopter-operators.html

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