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R-22 Ifr


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Looking for a machine to do 5 hrs inst. flying needed to get a recommendation for the IFR flight test. Was planning on Pro-IFR but the 22 over their is gone for overhaul. Any other IFR instructors in B.C. or Alberta with a helicopter? As much as I would like to do the training with pro, I'd rather finish sooner and get back to work. Appreciate any leads.

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oh i see, you didn't like my previous post therefore this is your response...... :down:




otas, let me clarify..........


yes i am an instructor at a flight school that is in competition with lyle at heli-college. however, we do not offer IFR courses. i know lyle runs a good IFR training program therefore i would, in my humble opinion recommend him.......


i hope this helps you :up:




aka rob dyck

bc helicopters

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thanks again 412driver, spoke with Lyle and looks like it will be closer to the end of the month before I can get in. Apparently I'm not the only one that's waiting until the last minute before season goes high gear. Look forward to seeing your hangar while I'm in the neighborhood.

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