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B3 power check with AFS filter

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Hi all, 

Working for a company now that runs a b3 fleet with AFS filters. Having issues getting them to pass the inbuilt VEMD power checks, but I'm assured that it's just a calculation error in the software and that they're making power. 

Guys saying just take it up to 8-10k and it'll pass but that's all well and good on a clear day, no joy when it's garbage out.


Client has a requirement for aircraft to pass a power check weekly/25 hrs, so wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and has any input? 

Edit: just to clarify, fleet is 2B1 and 2D engines. 

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If the doors are open and it’s failing, you have a problem. You are eliminating the filter from the equation, that means you have other issues. I’ve had a problem with the PowerCheck in the B3 years ago but it’s been rectified. It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve seen a fail due to the filter and I passed with the doors open. 

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How do your numbers look while you are on the job....if you are hitting your temp limits before your torque limit I would say you have a sick donkey or some bad gauges or transducers. I had a 407 that was temping out at 96% torque below 1000 ft. Not normal. Especially at 28C oat! It also had a AFC filter and I had to run it with the doors open. Another problem could be a bad bled valve. Not too up on the astars but I seem to remember they had a caution light for the bled valve. 407 doesn't have a warning light for the bled valve and the one I was flying was coming due for an overhaul. Never did find out what the fix was on that puppy.I haven't flown it since I pasted on the info and the numbers! Good luck.

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If it is a B3 dual hydraulic with 2D engine the FMS was updated with a new correction in Dec 2018.


May or may not apply.

Interesting the FMS for the 350 B,BA,B2 and B3 hasn't been updated with the same correction. Single hydraulic filter is a different design so maybe not the same issues with passing power checks? I have seen B3 2D dual hydraulic power checks with marginal pass results. Not familiar with single hydraulic results.

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