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My French is a bit rusty, aw **** I can't speak a lick of it but I went to Google's Translation page and I think if I am not mistaken HBD was trying to tell us they SUCK HARD, I might have typed some words in wrong and if I did sorry, you can all go to google and see for yourself if Mustang SUCKS HARD, I will continue to look for a good Translation page on the net and see if I am wrong about Mustang SUCKING HARD, till then though if anyone else has any luck with this please let me know.


Your Truly



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Dois-je commencer avec il était une fois ou la fin avec ils ont habité heureusement jamais après ?


[sigh] for you linguistically disadvantaged folks:


"Should I begin by once upon a time, or by they lived happily ever after ?"


Rosco sez "Could make for a good story, methinks."


I sez "Say what ?"



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Sigh I guess my translator was faulty, although it still reads as they SUCK HARD, I will be notifiying google as to this problem"Back in five". I have discovered the fault it seems HBD was typing Quebecois and I was using a Parisian translation Page thus the reason I was getting the Mustang SUCKS HARD translation, the new translator says they "SUCK HARD sous le tour d'eiffel", whatever that means?




I feel a Libel or Slander suit comin' my way....Anyone know a "good lawyer", now that's a real Oxymoron for sure....

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I worked for MHI a few years ago, they had some pretty good people working there. Pilots and Engineers alike, my complaint was with management and the owner and their disregard for how they treated people. Unfortunately for me I took a line from the movie "Network" told them that "I was made as **** and I wasn't going to take it anymore". I spoke my piece in support of those who needed it and were more concerned of losing their job than I was. I was told that if I did not like the way things were going to leave so I did. Soon after my departure there was an exodus of all but 2 staff so I could not have been totally wrong.


BTW: The website I went to is http://www.freetranslation.com/ and I would never

make comments about opertors "sucking". This is not the place for it and I have been in the industry far to long to lower my standards.



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They have job openings......just trying to help those A.M.E. apprentices find work.


"Mustang Helicopters - Apprentice Engineers required immediately


Mustang Helicopters is currently accepting aplications for full time Apprentice Engineers. All applicants must be graduates from a Transport Canada approved course. Correspondence by e-mail is preferred.



Contact: Alin Cote

Email: alin@mustanghelicopters.com

Telephone: 403 886-5995

Fax: 403 886-5996 Address:PO BOX 696


T4N 5G6


Date Ad placed: 04/08/2005 "


On this site and aeroads.ca

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