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Advancement Of The Helicopter Industry.

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My contribution so far is spreading the voice that helicopters are safe and it doesn`t take superman to fly them. I'm considering on sending Eurocopter a tail rotor control failure procedure that really works 99% of the times, not like the one they state in the FM's :down:

Speaking about old times, just would like to let you know I met a couple of guys from Frontier in the area of Barcelona fighting fires in 1992. One of them was by the name of Roger and was pilot and technitian (He performed his own maintenance on the 205 helped by an apprentice), another one was Leo and he kept coming a few more years working for a new spanish company that finally closed after a short adventure. He was thought like some kind of "ultimate class A1 performance pilot" as he was very much wanted in the operation by the guys in charge. Both were great persons wanting to share experience and knowledge :up:

Of course I also got to meet some of the new top performers and very glad about it (shaggy and Harmonic Vib :D ) Hope to see you around again although things are gettind a bit hard around hear B)

Buen vuelo

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Would have to say that Mike (Vertical Mag) and I (Heli Ops Mag) have done our bit by promoting the positive aspects of this industry and allowing people to see the diversity of this amazing industry. We also try to help encourage safety by safety features as well as including educational features for young and old.


Thats my two cents input.


Heli Ops

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Otooley you must be right about Leo.

Cap, I'm afraid you're also right since I heard time ago that he had crashed while working. At the time I met him he had a very nice looking young lady from Chile as a girlfriend. During that season there was not much flying and we spent some time talking. He always said to me: If I work for the same company than other guys, I take easy and try to teach what I may know, but if I'm working in a fire with other companies guys, "I'll try to get the sh*t out of them if they want to keep up with me.." From then on I always try to do my best at work if there is anybody from a different company around. If the rest of the guys are from same company I don't push that hard.

They were both good advice and happy to teach who ever wanted to learn.

Buen vuelo

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