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Advancement Of The Helicopter Industry.

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You can not have advancement in the industry from somebody who in reality is not part of the industry, just shyte disturber.


To further clarify my moods, for Skidz and every body elses information, my moods are my business and if I'm having trouble with the snide remarks from certain individuals, I can handle it.


What goes around comes around and as such you don't have to read this.


Certain individuals can make all the stupid remarks they want, just expect to be called on them.


Certain individuals have me blocked, HA,HA. He is to afraid he might miss something.


To make matters short, do to me as you did to Ralph. I and the assoc have already got taken for a ride by this web site and Mr. Kyle doesn't even bother answering any e-mails.


There is only one individual on this site that I have no time for and I do beleive he feels the same way, if the e-mails he sends are any indication.


As for the rest of you you seem to enjoy making assanine comments about things that don't concern you, enjoy.


Further clarification, I am in an excellent mood and always have been.


I do not have to justify anything to anybody on this site as I really could care less .

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Everybody including myself alludes to being an expert on everything helicopterwise, I know thru my years I have contributed to the advancement in some significant ways (and it's not by retiring) , some you live with everyday and do not know who is responsible.




Could you please clarify what your significant contributions have been over the years? Every one else has described what their contributions were, however insignificant they may be, except for you.

I'd like to know what you've done to make this business better for all of us!


This isn't a smart *** question by the way, I'm seriously asking.



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Jet Box:


Do you remember having to file flight notifications that if not cancelled, nobody would look for you for 48hrs. I was instrumental in having it changed to the same day or dam near similar to a flight plan.


Everybody now loves GPS. When GPS was first available for A/C every aircraft flying in the arctic had to have one similar to the spec's of the Trimble at the time when flying for the government (Feds). This was a manadatory requirement that I set up and if it wasn't included in the a/c equipment list, your bid was non compliant. You should have heard the belly aching by the operators.


I informed them that GPS would save on flight time and fuel ($5/gal) and was a safety of flight issue, the pilot always knew were he was.

Again progress.


The operators all said that it was an additional cost to there a/c. I informed them that any additional cost could be added to there hourly rates as we would recover the costs infuel savings and flight time.


The standing offer regulations, air charter conditions and fairness in contracting and a/c requirements by the different departments was vetted by me. I worked in conjunction with the USAF auditing teams to clarify canadian requirements vs FAA.


Had an influence on the following people when they worked for me, Fred W., Jack P, Emile Lupien, Gary B, Roger R and numerous others at Wheeler Airlines/Autair Helicopters.


With Viking as a eng/pilot I went out of my way to pass on info in any way shape or form to aspiring engineers and pilots.


I did most of the conversion's from piston to turbine powered helicopters for the pilots after giving them the theory of a turbine engine and the differences between the power applications of the two.

My own turbine check-out was in the sixties on the 204B.


Today most of this is taken for granted, back then it was new technology.


Brought ten (10) relativly new H500D's on contract to Jimmies Lagoon.

Two of the pilots went on to become Marketing Types one for EC and the other one is still at Bell.


As I do not wish to go in to book format, I hope this gives you some idea of my background.


Presently I volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society as a driver and sponsorship coordinator for the Relay for Life which celibrates cancer survivor's.


If you think life is hard on you, take a walk to the nearest cancer clinic and appreciate what you have.


Oh, yes. HEPAC which was another voluntary job and I found out that people don't even like to socialize. If you havn't noticed, life is what you make it and some people are so paranoid that if they are offered something, they always think there is a catch.


Cheers Don

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