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Work Related Pranks

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Hey Gang,


Thought I'd bring this up just for giggles seeing as it's almost the end of the week. :up:


Post a prank or practical joke you've played on someone while on the job ie. pilot, engineer, party manager, seismic crew etc.....whatever. :lol:


Fire away! :hide:

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I had a buddy I worked with that was the sure King of pranks, you always walked into the hanger on edge and when getting ready for a flight you had to be careful on what you touched or always looking over your shoulder. For example don't leave your camera laying around, when you got the film back you had some unpleasant pictures on it, Or put you flight suit on at the beginning off the day and find out at the end of the day

it won't come off because of the apoxy on the zipper, he was also knowin for putting stickers on your thermos, the one on mine he put was "BULL SEMEN SQUEEZED FRESH DAILY" I got one **** of a strange look from my customer when he read it. Eye shadow on the mic of your helmet, (don't know why he would have that on hand)

He was a great guy to work beside alway kept the moral up, as a matter of fact I believe he is working for Couger, so any of you boys or girls working there by now probably know who I'm talking about.

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We were flying on a Chinook and the crewman was sitting in the middle seat, another crewman that was flying with us that time was just bored on the back so he decided to have fun:

He screamed on the hot line, unplugged and threw the end of the wire through the open side upper window at the same time that he hid on the heat compartement aft of the cockpit and closed the soundproofing on it. :shock:

We asked what was going on back there but no answer, so the crewman turned around and saw the interphone wire hanging out of the helicopter through the open window :wacko: We thought the other guy had fallen out of the helicopter, turned around looking for his body on the ground .... :unsure: and after some time he came out of the closet laughing like crazy :(

Not so funny for us at the beginning of the story.

Buen vuelo

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Pranks hey.....lol well where I start..

Started the 206 once blade was not turnibg a 25 turned out the engeneer was holding the tail blade......

After a 100hrs inspection on the Astar...doing all the checks. did the Hyd check was finished with that.. the cyclic started to move....mmmm moved it back cyclic moved again...mmmmmmm I was thinking so shut down talked to the engeneer... he laughing.. He moved it from behind......

Drillers rig crappy loads.... use a steel line on a humid or light rain day to move the drill....watch the sparks...

Grease on sweatband in Helmet and earcups......for that one I welded his toolbox shut and to the table....

Welding the hammer to the table all time clasic...

preheat tool with torch.....watch what u touch....

Grease on the inside of the door handle....this one got punished with sending 2 drunk girls to his room ....no more pranks after that.......lol

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One time at band camp.............sorry, wrong thread.


Working about 1.5 hrs north of edson, ab, the seismic crew would come in on the crew bus from town and it would sit unattended all day at the staging area. pilot & I proceed to wire the horn into the turn signal. well if you dont know edson at all, the main e/w highway through town is split up by the town. the bus comes in from the north & has to go through town to get to the hotel located on the other side of town. well, the driver (not the sharpest tool in the shed) gets to town & proceeds with a bunch of left & right turns to get to the hotel.


He had a huge boom box wired in with a bunch of speakers and couldn't really hear the horn going off whenever he signalled.


Bunch of people flippin him the finger and one or two drivers wanted to punch him out.


Pilot & I in truck giggling like school girls.




Never, ever, ever put a blasting cap up the tailpipe (right to the muffler) of the Party Managers truck and wire it into his ignition circuits. That is sooooooooo uncool, at least make sure that 1. you're going for a flight, or 2. you can run really really fast. We chose option # 1



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Be nice to claim credit for all of these but I can't for all.


- Exhaust soot on safety glasses for that cool Rocky Racoon look

- Screwed field box to wooden rafters of hangar ceiling and then rivet box lid

- Gripmask a prank playing JAFO's truck (he called No Mas after that one)

- Teaching foreign student working as shuttle bus driver at ESSO's Tuk base to sign off radio - "Roger *****, in and out" (Like to take credit for this but I can say I did witness it, poor guy didn't have a clue)

- While I only witnessed this, it might be my personal favorite - Fill Roll away with frozen bread dough and park it in front of a heater duct for the Christmas holidays - A little vicious, almost felt sorry for the guy.

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Two support vehicles driving down highway to spray block. Rear vehicle continually trying to pass forward vehicle <_< . Driver of first vehicle waits a mile before turn off to spray block which generally consists of at least another 1/2 hr. driving over very dusty roads :down: . While still travelling @ 100k, driver of first vehicle removes cap from new 2 litre bottle of coke... and promtly extends left arm out window and squeezes said bottle for all he's worth just as the rear vehicle is making a last ditch attempt to pass so he doesn't have to suck dust for a half hr. :angry: . "Direct Hit" driver of first vehicle pee's himself laughing so hard...Coke completely covers rear vehicle, the wipers are working feverishly :shock: :up: just as turn off appears, then they end up sucking dust for 1/2 hr to boot. White vehicle is now a speckled, sticky, and a dust coated mess...get the brooms boyz! :blink: .


HAHAHAHAHA.....Too funny at the time! B)

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Guest graunch1

Once upon an Airforce day many years ago when we still had one :angry: and we were just into Lahr with the 104s.

We were working the line from a fairly high-wheeled trailer and while waiting for the aircraft to return everyone is inside playing cards etc. For some reason I go outside just in time to see my buddy fire off a smoke grenade into the Herman Nelson heater intake. I never saw so many guys move so fast in my life--good thing no one broke anything coming down the stairs and that buddy is a big guy :P

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Doing seismic at Coal Valley south of Edson. 6 week tour.


End of my tour, loaded up the pickup, drove into Edson. Met my replacement, went to open the canopy, it was loaded to the top with empty beer bottles.

Big clang, clang, as the bottles came tumbling out. The seismic crew had loaded up with empties.

He looked at me...long tour....??


Another seismic tour, somewhere...

We would all back up our pickup trucks along the tree line.

The pilot snuck out one day, and tied a rope to the axle on the medic's truck, and to a tree.

At the end of the day, as everyone was going home, the medic was having trouble moving. He figured out what was up, got mad, and punched the gas in 4-wheel drive.

Ripped the tree out and it came flying down...onto the roof of my truck. Caved in the roof.

The pilot made the solemn phone call to the ops manager...who burst out laughing.

Told us to straighten it out the best we could, then don't worry about it.

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