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Boss informs all that there would be no free beer at the end of the tour this time as he was pissed at someone who had knocked back a case of his and not replaced it in the shop.

Us knowing who it was but not wanting to directly rat on him none the less needed revenge.

We took the drop saw and put a 'V' notch in the top of two well measured lengths of 2x4. The truck rear was raised enough to put them under then lowered with both wheels a few mm off the gravel. You will probably see where we were going with this :)

Now it being a beautiful sunny afternoon we are enjoying a tasty beverage on a few seats out back and as the beer was our own purchase the cheap ******* was not going to stay.

He put the truck in drive and stepped on the gas, when there were no results he pressed even harder. Now, as the wheels were spinning madly he decides to try reverse. The resulting "clang!'

brought beers out the nostrils of those still sitting upright. This went back and forth until it rocked itself off the wood. The wheels hit the ground spinning and off he sailed.

Best show a beer ever bought. (aside from a place in Bangkok called Pegasus)

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Early-mid 90’s…. Aerial Recon…..doing pipeline patrols…. thermal camera gal and I on board the R-22


Camera gal and I get along really well, she is easy going, always a big smile and a ton of laughs.


We need to land so she can top up the camera with Nitrogen (it hangs from the a/c below her feet). I say the timing is perfect cause I kind of need to take a bathroom break anyway. It’s blowing about 15 knots as we approach the lease site…..turned in the hover and set it down cross wind.


She gets out and is hunkered down pouring nitro into the camera….now about this time she starts getting splashed with……something ……


From her vantage point as she is squatted down kind of under the nose on her side, she looks across she can see my legs from the knee down. My mid section is blocked out by the floor section, and she can see from my chest up through the bubble.


I have assumed the position and appear to be taking a leak not 4 feet from her…..the stream is in full view as it hit’s the ground as she looks across under the bird, which due to the wind is now splattering all over her.


I must have squeezed half the water out of the bottle before she rolled out of the line of fire and started screamin…..


Was a good 30 min before we could control ourselves enough to get back in the air…laughing so hard…..

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One fine day in Inuvik(Yeah right!!!), I was helping a guy fill the nitrogen bottle in the nose of a 212. He had the chin bubble out and the boot strap pumping and was now around 3100 psi. He wanted to go to 3200 psi however one of the lines was only rated for 3000 psi so naturally he was a little leary of sticking his head in the chin bubble to check what the pressure was on the bottle. When he did finally check and had his head fully in the nose, I had crept up behind him with a fully loaded action packer book box. Well you can imagine the boom the book box made when it had landed flat on the plywood floor from about 4 feet. I thought I would have to pull the other engineer out of the skylight. He still owes me for that one. Cheers! :lol: :up:

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I might as well add about a pilot bag running inventor,who put the truck in neutral and pushed it down the staging hill with the engineer asleep inside.or who took a magnifing glass and set the same engineers pants on fire..or a certain engineer named Jason who would grab hold of the long line and pull the ship down to the ground to the amazment of the juggies...I was voted ******* if the class at sait for instructing one 18 yr old kid to impress the instructor(Dave) by putting his head in the 206's exhaust and do a resonance check by shouting "whoof" into the stack...

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How many poor apprenti had to change the air in the floats from "winter" to "summer" air.

Or go ask the Chief engineer for a gallon of Rotor Wash.

There was one poor soul from an exotic foreign land who, experiencing snow for the first time was told that the marks in the snow from extension cords were "Snow Snake" trails. Snow Snakes FYI are white, easily riled and their bite deadly. The poor guy worked in fear for weeks. Ah - John Smiley where are you now?

Then there were the funny souls who recorded a 205 start / departure on the new fangled tape recorder and played it really loud outside Harvey's ( the resident 205 pilot ) tent at midnight on a cold and dark winter's night. The results were hilarious.

Then there was the Beaver pilot who did a less than laudable job of securing his AC to the dock and returning from lunch found it drifting merrily down the lake.

No boat available so we offered to sling him out to it. In a trice a 206 with a net suspended underneath appeared and he grabbed on. It was a very wet and begraggled piot who was dropped onto the AC a few long minutes afterwards. It is to be surmised that in the future the lashings from aircraft to dock would have held a battleship secure during a moderate hurricane.

Back in the days before camps had internet and tv we had to do something to keep amused. :up:

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lol... work for wildlife Management. Catch Alpha Male and Female of wolfes, bring it to new area, with Jet ranger. Take doors off then go back and shot the rest of the wolfpack. Collect wolfes.. Let 2 frezze so they lock like they r still alive... and place them in the yard of ur boss.

Have Boss cut himself shaving while RCMP officer shots wolf 5 times and wounders why the Wolf is not dropping....Officer uses 2nd clip as rumor goes...

Boss shows up pisse dat the Hanger...everybody hidding......

We killing ourself laughing....cop can`t come to coffeeshop for 2 weeks....

So tell me was the beast attacking u????


:up: :up: :up:

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I had to bring this one back to the top of the list. You guys must have a few more from the summer and new members might not have had the opportunity to see this one.


I once worked at a car dealership where a technician used to spray brake cleaner (at least 90% alcohol) on the bottom of my pant leg with a little trail to his feet and then say "Hey, Murdoch!" as he'd bend down and light the stream... just enough time for me to turn my head and see myself being lit on fire. :o

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I can't take any credit for this, but the crew at the hangar used to get one of the guys every once in a while. They would fill a 500ml plastic pop bottle with acetelene and cap it with the original cap, fitted with an igniter and wire leads. This would be placed under the chassis of the victims vehicle, grounded accordingly and run through to the ignition. Once the vic turns the key...BOOM!!

Apparantly they started off with a 2L bottle but had to scale down due to noise and potential vehicle damage.

Saw it happen once and **** near pissed myself. :D

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Long day, a long time ago, heading for the barn with the survey crew all nicely asleep I slow er down real slow and come to a hover in front of some nice big trees before yelling "HOLY $HIT TREES!!!" won't try that again as we very nearly ended up in them when the front seat pax grabbed my arm upon awaking.


These guy's were seasoned operators as they all ended up asleep again before we made it home.

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