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Here We Go Again

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So I listened to the Assistant Commissioner of the RCMP for Manitoba and I agree with a lot of what she said about the last couple of weeks and everyone working to try and resolve the issue.

Where I get a sour taste is hearing her talk about the Mounties on the ground and the specialized equipment they had, etc., etc., etc... And then she said, "and the Mounties in the helicopters, flying into danger..." Not once, did anyone mention the civilian pilots of the longdogs we saw flying around. The RCMP AStar was out for sure, but hey, the civvy guys were in the forefront as well.

Let me say right here, thank you to the guys from Taiga and whoever else had machines there.... Your effort was every bit as important as the uniformed guys.

ps. my dad and my brother in law were both 35 year members of the Force. I grew up around the RCMP.

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5 hours ago, ScottyDont said:

They couldnt even get the headline correct... "private pilot"?

The news was also contracting a local company to fly them around, when theres dedicated news helicopters. Why didnt they get their 100hr news pilots to go fly them around? 

Where do you find dedicated news helicopters in Manitoba with 100 hr pilots?

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