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I just thought I'd throw this one out there.


About wearing other companies logo's.

If you are on your own time-----bite me.

If you are on company time ,I can see why a company would not want the competition being advertised for free by your employee.


( Welcime aboard-----oh--my hat?

That's the other company over there, they're great but, you're here, so don't worry about it. Why don't I work there anymore? Oh that's a different story.)



All comments appreciated.

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if you are contract or full time with one company, it doesn't really matter.. they are your bread and butter at that time and dont' deserve having the other guy's logo in their machine...


i agree with what you wear on your own time is your choice... but when you fly for xyz, you shouldn't be wearing abc's shirt or hat!!


just my $0.02 worth..

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Years ago, when I was an apprentice under Jim Masse, I came in to work wearing an 'Erikson Aircrane' T-shirt.

Jim barked at me to not advertise the competition.

I responded that if he didn't want me to wear the clothes I had on, he should provide me with one he approved of.

He stared at me, and walked away.

Came back about 15 minutes later with T-shirts, hats, and stickers.

Point taken.


I generally do wear hats and T-shirts from the competition, but I don't deal with customers, and I do realize it may be inappropriate under certain circumstances.

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Any company who's employees are proud to work for probably doesn't have a problem with this because the employees want to promote their employer and not the competition. However, if the employee wears someone else's hat/shirt etc, the last thing this operator should do is give the said employee grief over it cause it'll only make things worse, and, it maybe a hint that this particular employee has yet to receive his free hat/shirt etc.

At the end of the day, it's just a friggin hat or shirt so does it really matter?????

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I'm new to the helicopter industry, so I can only speak of "bussiness in general", but I have to agree with not wearing the competitions clothes to your work if you're dealing with customers. I used to manage a cafe, and if one of my emplyees came to work with another shops hat or T-shirt, I don't think I'd be too impressed (and yes, I'd would have probably given them one of our hats!)


As has already been stated aswell - on your own time, wear what ever you like! :D


Just one mans opinion,


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