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Highly recommended!  Its quite the experience to make a living while exploring other cultures and seeing the world.  There's good times and bad times, from armed compounds to five star resorts on the beach.  I've flown in 32 different countries now, my favourites being Kenya and Gabon, and I'm now in Trinidad & Tobago and its a sweet gig.  Best if you can get into the exploration end of things as you'll bounce around a lot more on short term contracts, as opposed to production where you could spend an entire career in one spot.  Hot spots now are Ghana and Guyana.  Mostly European companies with the contracts in Africa (my favourite continent) so without an EU passport or EASA ticket its difficult.  I think Everett is looking in East Africa.  And if you get into it, remember to explore!  So many guys that tour stay at either the hotel or at work the entire tour.  I figure you spend half your life away, best to enjoy it, hang out with locals, go hiking and mountain biking, fishing, etc see all there is to see. 

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