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Thanks for the input, everyone. I think I got my answer. Only two people here have actually experienced it, so it seems that it doesn't happen very often but when it does, it is definitely at seat sucking experience.

In my case, I was taking off with turbulent winds and a load on the hook. So the setup was there: oge hover in a left crosswind, high power etc. But that's what the LZ dictated and I had taken twenty or thirty loads like that in the previous couple hours. Got to the top of the trees, dancing on the pedals and then everything smoothed out. Left pedal was on the stop and the the nose just kept coming around... It was like the tail rotor wasn't even there. Close quarters with trees, people on the ground and no option to reduce power... 270 degrees later, I cleared the trees and got recovered. The rotary gods were definitely with me that day.

This was a uh1-H with a -13. It is also the only one we have that does not have a fast fun.... I believe that is the key.

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