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Dry In The East

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Seven fires were reported this week in the Ont west fire region (Marathon west) All areas of Ont are reporting very dry conditions for this time of year with the central and northeastern parts of the Province seeing soom fire activity and burning restrictions or bans in some areas

Another week of warm temps and the moderate south winds we have been experiencing is going to put the fire indicies in the high to extreme in some areas of the Province unless of course we get some signifigant rain

Could be an early start to a very busy fire season!

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have heard the same.


can tell you that I was in the woods on saturdays and it is extremely dry.


we flew around marathon last weekend and the creeks & rivers are very low with little snow left in the bush.


rumor has it that it's gonna be wickedly dry and warmer than usual for in neck of the woods this summer.


could be a good summer in ontario.

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And just how many times do we see these 'hot and dry' beginnings to the year turn into a summer of rains? More times than not, unfortunately. Don't want to be a 'dog in the manger' but I've seen these promising signes turn to wet noodles far too often. It'll burn, or it won't. Be ready to deal with either, abut don't hang your hat there, babe! B)

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