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So...i was working this fire for a couple of weeks...Dave is hauling crews out with the 204 and I am bucketing hot spots. I get a call...some guy just rammed a stick in his eye and I have to get him to the hospital in Geralton. i load him up and blast off into town...I land next to the helipad in Geralton at the hospital and wait while he is being looked at...in the mean time...the medevac S-76 lands and they are picking up a patient for transfer. The boys are looking dapper with the white shirts and bars on their shoulders...they get their guy on board and go to fire up...its a no go. Captain wonderful comes over and asks me ...you ...ah wouldn't...ah happen to be a pilot/eng   ah.. I say..well yes I am...he sheepishly askes if I could figuire out his problem....I ask...this think running C30 motors...he replies ...yes...I think... I say ok...where can I stand on that think and I will have a look....he opens the cowlings and I take a peak...I say give me a second and I will get my bung wrench out of my ship . Now he is looking at me like...is this guy a moron....I give the starter a good wack and tell him to try it now...amazing...it turns over and he tells me he owes me...I said a couple of 24's would  do...never saw them...thanks Canadian Heli!!!!

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