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You are going to feed me 100% on your dime if I'm away from home in some shithole that thinks a frost bitten burger is worth $25. But then again some people also think 70 grand a year is sufficient co

Well, helicopters are cool!  Working on them is cool!  Flying them is cool!  Some of the places I've worked were/are cool, and some down right cold!  It's a challenging industry with lots of good

Yes you are and that is why you are always looking for guys.

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Federal rates are up now as of 2017 and they should be paying $81.15 If memory serves and incidentals is the age old $17.50.  Again I go by federal rates and am a contractor so it’s different with “full time” employees.  Will follow this with the link in a second. 

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On 11/19/2019 at 9:20 PM, Lunchbox said:

What about away from base and bush pay? Are you guys getting a flat rate AFB whether you're away on a different base vs bush camp? Or getting a higher AFB for sitting in the bush?


Our per diems are $50 and have been that for 10 plus years.

Away from base: $100/day

Per diem:  $60/day

Incidentals: Cell phone use and laundry: $5/day


My previous employer didn't have an away from base, but gave us $75/day per diem. We could often work 10-12 hours/day and get time and a half for anything over 8 hours/day, as previously agreed to by 3rd party clients. Bank it or cash it, it was an option available to you.

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