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New helicopter power check calculator available for mobile

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many pilots said they need power check calculator as mobile app. So we have developed the tool which is officially available on App Store via this link https://apps.apple.com/app/helitrends-lite/id1471892720 that is something to be proud of for us  You can use it for free with no need to log in  So far there are AS350BA and AS350B2 helicopters available to choose. Benefits for pilots:
- enter data and then engine performance available in less than 1 second,
- many different helicopters in one app,
- share the result to your engineer via one button,
- results history for all aircrafts.

Would you like to add there your helicopter? Please leave me the priv message or via contact@helitrends.com


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Both sentences are true ;) Many pilots asked about power check calculator as mobile app for AS350BA and B2. At the beginning it was only AS350BA and then we've improved app environment to be able to fit many helicopters with different models as AS350B2 (including Sand Filter and no filters) which was incorporated as the 2nd helicopter.  So “ many different helicopters” means it is possible to have many different helicopter models in one app :)

We need to make sure there is a need for a new helicopter, then we incorporate new model based on FLM thus the list of helicopter available to choose is getting longer.

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I have good news for those who are waiting for Bell 206 helicopters. Bell 206B3 and 206L1 are already available on Helitrends App :)  Please use the following link hoping to make pilot life a little bit easier ;)

Which h/c will be the next, 206L3 or 407 ? We have received inquires for many different types but because of the lack of time we have to do step by step and the rule is simple: the more pilots the more needed - any suggestions about models and number of pilots interested to use it?:)


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