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For those that did aerial application of Vision

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Tell that to my buddy who was diagnosed with advanced Prostate cancer at 45, which is virtually unheard of . We mixed Vision by the drum load for 4 summers in the early 90's doing aerial application.

Simplemind, and you are? a doctor? a scientist?   no wait, you're just a f*cking twat. You're opinion is as worthless as most of your comments. Come back when you have something far mor

Well ladies and gentlemen here we have a perfect specimen of a “sac o’sh*t.”  Absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation and attempting to bring into the mix their own personal beliefs based

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Now not to sound like a lawyer, what with all the scientific comments here, but this is a puny class action suit against a company who's exact product is still tested and approved for use throughout the world and...it's no longer under patent so it's appearing as a lot of other products. Now who exactly made you sick? Which formulation?  Some states banned it, Wallmart dropped roundup, it's not enough to base a lawsuit on. Spraying the latest roundup knock-off into wind burning your dandelions to the ground without a mask on against the label directions, available at Home Hardware? Yes there was money awarded in California, but the scientific link as a carcinogen has never gotten past "possible" since 2015.  I sprayed truck loads for years early 90's, don't have cancer but tried to look into this anyways, seems zero chance of success.

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