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Fuel Starvation (bell Mediums)

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Something to think about.


If the stove does quit on you and you impact terra firma, the insurance company will probably deny your / your family's claim because you failed to employ a critical safety device, your shoulder harness. Try and explain that to Mrs. Helicopter Driver while she is waitressing at the local greasy spoon to support your sorry crippled ***.


As Beltdrive and mtnhopper said, you can work with them and they are effective at supporting your upper body weight while you are hanging out in the bubble.

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I'm with you Twinstar, :up: :up: The aircraft type certification (STC)for vertical reference operations from the left hand seat (Bell mediums) should include a proper seatbelt configuration that allows for the different body position. I have considerable time with vertical reference operations and I would also like to see the development of an ergonomic seat design to include both safety and comfort features. If there are any pilots out there like myself that have had a steady diet of this type of work, you will appreciate what I'm talking about. Cheers

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