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When I was shopping for one two yeares ago, I found that a lot of pilot stores in Canada say they carry Gentex, Gallet or Alpha, but in fact, when you go through them, they just get a commission from the distributors. No one carries anything in stock.


There was a gentex HGU-56 at VIP in St-Hubert when I was shopping, but it was there 'cause the buyer went broke and never paid it in full. They ended up selling a few dollars cheaper than list...


I never bought a complete helmet from Flightsuits, but I bought parts from them and I got very good service on the phone. Their INternet ordering system is "average" at best. It's worth the long distance charges to do business with them by phone...

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For Sales and Service in USA, Canada, and South and Central America:

Interactive Safety Products, Inc.

9825-A Northcross Center Court

Huntersville, NC 28078 USA

Tel: 704-664-7377 / 800-251-7377 Fax: 704 664 7316 E-mail: sales@helmetsystems.com



when I ordered mine in Canada I had them label it "Required Safety Equipment" which exempted it from import duties

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