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That'll be just Grreat...


Firehawk says the Rap crews in the U.S. are a joy to work with, real Professionals.


Firefighting in the Desert, Sounds like easy money.


Density Altitude, Nothing can compete with the 407, Hot and High.


Maybe bag a few routes on "EL Capitan" or at "Joshua Tree" Who knows.(Not)



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Hey Mr. Jiggler,

I had a good time down there, Its all about having an adventure.

You will certainly learn how to work a 407 at the limits of the temp scale.

Like I said good crews very professional, I 'd do it again to if I had to.

I do believe the 407's are down south already though.

I still have'nt heard what my plan is. I just flew back from CYYC and looked like there was a fire burning south of you there somewhere.

Be safe out there Bud,

P.S- I saw some strange guy running around the lodge my last tour there in your flight suit. I do believe he was going commando also. :shock:

Check back I think I have a picture.

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