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Hey Cap, after your self description of "a/c shaped somewhat the same as me" and I see you're from "the peg". Are you the guy I was on a 204 with in camp "cinq-en-cinq" in northern PQ around the mid nineties ('95 I think)? We traded that 204 for a 205 (they call them 205++ now 'cause somebody thinks they're new) and went on to Cape Breton Island. Just wondering if you're the same guy that seemed to sleep quite comfortably in the front seat of that 204?

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CAP.........that would not have happened to be you in (I think 95 0r earlier) with a 205.5 down in Cape Breton slinging a truck for some auto advert. Frontier I beleive? I was spraying with a Jetbox in the area and ran across these two dudes.


or was I dreaming? (again)

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Whew.......I was not dreaming. Yep, young Mr J and myself were there killin trees when the 205 pitched down for a short yarn. :)


Definitely a very small business.


Remember something about you and Davy going to school together or the like, and thinking that CAP looked like a escapee from the Sunny Shades Retirement Village :P :up:


Just kiddin dude. :)

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Yep, Dave J and I spent some time together in school. Where is he now anyway? And yep, my partner was out of the "Sunny Shades Retirement Village". What gave it away, the Hawaiin' print flight suit... :D Just kiddin Cap...I'm STILL hungover from Quebec City.

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