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Boomless Bell

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This is definently the House Mountian air strip. The picture was taken from the forestry tower that borders the runway. The machine burned up on the House Creek fire in July of 1999. The following week another Delta 204 had a stuck peddle with a full load of natives on board. The pilot did well to get it down on the road by camp.

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I believe that was the one in 'La Crete' around 1999.

Tailboom caught fire during hot refuelling.

Greg V, was flying the S61, PJ was the engineer.

I was passing through in an A-Star.


That 61 must have been "PZR" after the new paint job. The other two used that year, JDR and JDK, had already been shortened.


Anyone know where Greg and Pete are? A big portion on the loggers went to international jobs in Songkhla or Baku but I haven't seen those two in years.



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We should be asking o'tooley....he was wrenching on a 2by4 that had the boom burn up hot refueling in alberta...but that happened along time before '99....one of the Dooks of Ferny was the driver... :lol:

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