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Wire Struck 206

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Looks a lot like a 206B to me? no opera windows on the side, and 2 exhaust stacks...my L3 has only one :blink:


from the FAA website.....




N130JH is Assigned



Assigned/Registered Aircraft


Aircraft Description


Serial Number 4166 Type Registration Corporation

Manufacturer Name BELL Certificate Issue Date 10/15/2004

Model 206B Status Valid

Type Aircraft Rotorcraft Type Engine Turbo-Shaft

Pending Number Change None Dealer No

Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 50076001

MFR Year 1991 Fractional Owner NO






Registered Owner



Street PO BOX 1288

City BOZEMAN State MONTANA Zip Code 59771-1288













Engine Manufacturer ALLISON Classification Standard

Engine Model 250-C20 SER Category Normal


A/W Date 06/10/1991

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oh come on, you guys... the m/r could have chopped out the center section as well and stopping allowed it to re-weld itself resulting in an L to a B!!! :D


all kidding aside, i hope whatever faith that driver follows got a little acknowledgement that nite... very, very lucky people!! B)

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