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Just to give you some idea how far Canada is behind the eight ball.


Re: CHC-Pilots Association / CHC-PA






Below you will find the Decleration of cooperation, which by now has been signed and ratified by the pilot unions in CHC Denmark, CHC Ireland, CHC Norway, CHC Schreiner and CHC Scotia. Our membership is approx. 350 pilots. Our companies account for 60-65% of the worldwide revenue of CHC.


Keep in mind that this is the original document, which includes CHC Schreiner since March 2005.


Regards, Olav



CHC – Pilot’s Association



Declaration of cooperation


The union boards of the pilot associations of CHC Scotia, CHC Denmark, CHC Ireland and CHC HS hereby agree to establish CHC Pilot’s Association. The abbreviation is CHC-PA.


1) Administrative issues

a) The establishment of CHC-PA has to be approved according to the bylaws of each member association.

B) Bylaws of CHC-PA: To be ratified by union membership no later than June 2004.

c) Membership eligibility: Pilot unions within the CHC Corporation.

d) CHC-PA will meet quarterly. Meetings will rotate between Ireland, Denmark, Great Britain and Norway.

e) Representation

i) Union Chairmen or appointed representatives.

ii) Other representatives, at the discretion of the respective union boards.


2) Scope

a) Members will strive to allow access to the resources of their respective national associations.

B) CHC-PA will strive to develop and continuously improve lines of communication and cooperation between the corporation and the member associations.

c) CHC-PA will seek to protect and improve terms and conditions related to employment.

d) CHC-PA will seek to protect and assist in cases of harassment from the employer.

e) CHC-PA will challenge decisions unfavourable to members to avoid

i) Unfair dismissals, lay-offs or furloughs.

ii) Unfair delays in promotion and postings.

iii) Unfair changes in employment status.


3) The agenda will cover matters related to the following issues:

a) Health

B) Safety

c) Work environment

d) Terms and conditions of employment

e) Remuneration

f) Insurance coverage

g) Pension schemes

h) Other items as agreed upon.


Aberdeen, September 8th, 2003


4/29/2005, 1:25 am

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