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Type Endorsements

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I have had three or four different endorsements signed off, by different pilots during the years. None of these pilots where speacially approved by the minister. Talking to a D.O.T. inspector the other day, and he claimed that only pilots approved by the minister where allowed to sign off type ratings. Has anyone ever heard of this before? <_<

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My understanding is, any commercial pilot with at least 50 hours on type can give an endorsement, but you need to go through an approved agent to complete the forms, pay your 30 bucks, and get your license signed off. Otherwise, both the endorsing pilot and the endorsed pilot have to go to a TC office and fill in the forms there.


While we're on the subject, I just got my Astar endorsement here in the US. Typre ratings are not noted on the FAA license, but are signed off in you logbook. What do I have to do to have the Astar rating added to my Canadian license ?

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The time on type requirement is 10 hours PIC in order to conduct type training, along with a Comm . or ATPLH licence. This allows you to recommend the candidate for the rating.


In order to "sign off" the licence, meaning issue the endorsement, on the back of your licence or granting an additional priviledges card, you must be an "authorized person", not just some dude. This is normally a company training pilot, TC Inspector, etc that has had the "Authorized Person's " training course.


But, if you have the rating on your ticket, it's yours. Someone processed the correct paperwork.


As for experience gained in the US, if memory serves correctly,I think TC will look at that on a case by case basis, may need to do a qualifying flight, and then get a recommendation, then the type rating.

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I have had three pilot's sign off my different endorsements, none of them had "the course" so is this just someone screwing up in the office?  Also I would appreciate the reference for this rule if anyone knows.  CARS/AIP?

CARS 421.40 Blanket and Individual Type Ratings

(3) Within the 12 months preceding the application for the rating, an applicant for an individual aircraft type rating for a helicopter with a minimum flight crew requirement of one pilot shall have successfully completed:


(i) a flight test, on the helicopter type, for the issue of a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter; or


(ii) a Pilot Proficiency Check on the helicopter type; or


(iii) a qualifying flight under the supervision of a person qualified in accordance with CAR 425.21(7)(b ).




CARS 425.21

(7) A person who conducts flight training toward the issuance of an aircraft type rating shall: (fixed-wing stuff snipped)


(b ) in the case of training a holder of a helicopter pilot permit or pilot licence:


(i) be the holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence or an Airline Transport Pilot Licence; and


(ii) have experience of not less than 10 hours flight time on the type of helicopter used for the training.

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