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Career Vs Lifestyle

Would you prefer to have a high paying job that you dislike or an above average job that you enjoy.  

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I agree with you all, money is nice and who are we kidding we need money to survive, problem is people get used to living at a certain lifestyle. I have contemplated many times getting out of the army and pursuing flying full time building my hours as an instructor until I get my ticket with someone else, but who am I kidding my friends doing that are bringing home cheques smaller than what I make in a day.


but 1 cannot live on money alone(although it does keep the repo-man away.lol) I truely believe we only get one chance at life so live it to the fullest and be HAPPY.


I was told once that a man/woman who can't wait to get up in the morning and get to work and feels like his/her employer should be paying them for doing there job is much wealthier than a person who does there job just so they can have the bling bling items.


I would much rather live in a log house with no power and fly everyday of my life than live in a million dollar house being miserable and hating my job...

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I try to remember the days wenn the feeling was , I can`t believe they pay me doing this........now there is the house payment, Car payment, College for the kids, the Harley fund, the boat fund,

but on a nice sunny day absolutly nothing can get me going still love it.........

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